Our fishing vessel Mary Elizabeth is located at:
One Town Wharf in Plymouth, MA
*(Plug this address into your GPS)

Our Business Office Address where deposits and correspondence may be sent can be found by clicking HERE

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Phone Support:
(508) 746-4809


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Facts and Questions

Below are just a few facts and questions that we are normally asked all the time. We believe that providing you with this page it  will help answer a few of your questions.

Still have questions? Send us them and we may even post it up on this Facts and Questions page for future use by other visitors. Please go to our Contact Information page for the most up-to-date information on how you can contact us.

What's the name of the boat?
The name of our boat is the 'Mary Elizabeth'.

What kind of fish will we catch?
Well, the fish that your expected to catch are the fish that we usually target. The fish that we target depends on the charter that your on. If your on our Deep Sea Fishing Charter, then you can expect to catch any of these fish:

 - Cod
 - Flounder
 - Haddock
 - Blue Fish
 - Pollack
 - Halibut
 - Mackerel

Although if you are on the Sports Fishing Charter, then you can expect to catch primarily:

 - Blue Fish
 - Striped Bass

The results may vary from time to time, depending on the conditions. Those are just primarily what you should expect to catch if your on either of our fishing charters.

Rental Information?
Well if you don't own a fishing rod or equipment, then you simply rent some of our gear that we'll always have available. The current prices for our gear rentals are provided below. These prices normally don't change.

 - Boat Rod Rental ( tackle + bait will be provided ) - $7.00

What should I wear?
Many people have asked us that question before. Seeing that it is normally 20 degrees cooler off-land while out on on the ocean, we advise that you dress warmer. You can always take things off if it gets too hot out. It's better to have the option of being able to put something on (such as a jacket) if it happens to suddenly get a bit cooler.

What should I bring?
Dress comfortably. Bring a sweatshirt and rain gear if rain is predicted.  Bring plenty of water or soda to drink and a lunch.  Snacks are good too and sunscreen and sunglasses and a hat.  That ought to do it.