May 5, 2023 Update:
After 50 fantastic seasons on Cape Cod Bay it is retirement time (at least for our summer jobs) for Tim, Laura and Capt Tim Brady and Sons Deep Sea Fishing. The boat is under agreement to be sold and we are so grateful for all the fantastic memories we have had with you. It was not an easy decision but becoming grandparents has helped our decision that we want to spend more of our summers helping our grown children and young grandchildren with their endeavors. We will be posting pictures on and checking in on our Capt. Tim Brady and Sons Facebook Page for the time being.

We always considered our patrons as much friends as customers and wish you all the best in the years to come.

Most Sincerely,
Tim, Laura, Tim Jr., Sean, Becca, Rose, Megan, Nora, Sophie, and Jack, Patrick K, CJ, Rico, Dustin, Austin, Sloopy, Mike, Jake, Patrick M, John M. and so many more going back through all of those 50 wonderful seasons.

Please check out our FACEBOOK page for pics and memories through the years.